Zoo Themed Activities for Kids – Lesson Plans

Summer is a great time to get your kids to help in the kitchen, where they can learn some life skills as well as math (measuring, dividing recipes) and science (what happens when you bake things?) and more, and hopefully have some fun at the same time.

Making red, white and blue Fourth of July foods is fun for everyone, and here are a few pretty easy recipes you can make with your kids or that older kids can make themselves for the holiday gathering.

First, a classic, the red, white and blue fruit plate. This one from Passion for Savings uses strawberries, yogurt covered pretzels and blueberries. Kids can help assemble the flag, and older kids can cut the strawberries.

The Educator’s Spin on It has a similar idea using berries to make a graham cracker flag. Kids can make this one themselves if you prep the berries for them. So fun for a bunch of kids to do at a holiday cookout or even at school.

If it’s not too hot to bake where you live, you can make firecracker cupcakes with this recipe from Princess Pinky Girl. The cake part is made with cake mix and food coloring to make it red and blue, while the toppings add white and the firecracker bit. These are so cute and kids will have a lot of fun helping with them. And if you’re not much of a baker, you’ll appreciate the fact that they’re made with cake mix.

You’ll need a drink for your Fourth of July party too, right? How about one of these red, white and blue drink recipes collected by The Soccer Mom Blog? So many tasty ideas, and while some of these are made for grownups (please don’t let the kids help with those!) there are plenty of options for kids, too. I love the look of the Italian creme sodas from Butter with a Side of Bread, and I’m sure they are yummy, too!

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