You Have To Make Karlee’s Peach Butter

I have the same regret every September: I didn’t eat enough summer peaches.

It never fails. Every July I take peaches for granted. They’re stacked high at the grocery store and though they never do, I think they’ll last forever.  I throw a mega watermelon in my cart, grab a bag of cherries, and head straight to the freezer aisle for coconut popsicles.  It’s all fun and games until the peaches and nectarines stacks start to dwindle that I recognize the error of my ways.

Luckily, the last few weeks I’ve been flush with peaches ripening and wrinkling on the kitchen counter to test this peach crisp recipe.  I can confirm that peach crisp recipe is a jammy sweet delight, but something even better came out of those ripe wrinkled peaches: Karlee’s End of Summer Peach Butter.

Peach butter is cubed, ripe peaches cooked down with brown sugar, cinnamon and spices to a thick fruit spread that I’ve been eating straight from the jar weekend.  Karlee says it’s the perfect blend of summer fruit and fall spices and she’s never been more right.  It really captures the essence of both seasons.

Spread peach butter on buttered toast, spooned on top of yogurt and granola, warm and drizzle over vanilla ice cream, my word!  I also baked this peach butter  into kolaches which…. buckle up for my Kolache Era coming soon.

Karlee is right – peach butter is perfectly now.  It’s the most delicious celebration of this in between time period and I’m betting on the fact that you have a few wrinkly ripe peaches in your fridge.  Now you know exactly what to do before this season officially expires: Make Karlee’s End of Summer Peach Butter. Now go forth!


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