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This moment has been a long time coming. We have always aimed to bring you excellent patterns, and with our new app, we can do that EVEN BETTER. Click the links below and try the FREE Tin Can Knits app today!

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Making knitting patterns BETTER

Since we started Tin Can Knits, it has been our mission to bring you knitting patterns that are high value, useful, and clearer than the rest. Knitting should be a joyful experience!

  • That’s why we size our patterns from baby-to-big – you get the value of two or three patterns in one…plus there’s the joy of knitting matchy-matchy sets for big and little loved ones! (We’re into maximum cheesiness. 🤣)
  • It’s why we include multiple yarn weights – so you can knit the sweater, hat, or blanket in the yarn you prefer!
  • And that’s what keeps us continually improving our pattern writing

Because you’re knitting for fun, right?!

When you pick up yarn and needles, you wanna focus on the knitting.

You wanna spend time enjoying the soft yarn and pretty patterns under your fingertips.

You do NOT want to waste time struggling to read and understand the pattern.

Phone with tin can knits app in view, with scissors, knitting, and yarn.

What will you find in the app?

A new and improved pattern format

  • Access our free Simple Collection patterns – many of them now including multiple yarn-weights and options (did someone say Flax in DK?!)
  • View ONLY your size instructions (no more 20-number bracketed lists!)
  • Link directly to ALL our knitting tutorials, so when you’re unsure about a term or technique, you can find the support you need at a tap
  • Track your progress through a pattern and add notes
  • Keep track of your yarn, gauge, and needles

Settings to suit YOUR preferences

  • View dimensions in imperial OR metric units (or mix and match!)
  • Read the pattern using abbreviated knitting terms (like you’re used to) OR long-form
  • Change text size for easy reading
  • View in light or dark mode

How can I get ALL my Tin Can Knits patterns in the app?

We began at the beginning – with our free Simple Collection patterns – but we’re not stopping there!

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding old and new patterns, both free and paid. The best way to learn when new patterns are added is to sign up for our email updates (they’re helpful and inspiring and it’s always easy to unsubscribe).

You won’t have to pay twice!

If you’ve purchased a pattern from our website or, and we add that pattern to the app, you’ll get it for free there, too!

Don’t worry… we still publish PDF patterns

The app is an ADDITION for Tin Can Knits, nothing we already do is going away. If you’ve been following us for a while and you LOVE our PDF patterns, they’re still here! And we we will continue to release patterns in PDF format for the foreseeable future. We are only adding MORE with the app. 

We’d LOVE to hear your feedback on whether this new app makes using our patterns better (or worse 😂) for you. And more generally, we wanna know what you’d like to see a knitting pattern do for you! If you can spare the time, please send us your thoughts through the feedback button in the app menu, or by sending us an email.

Try it today!

Download on the App Store
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~ Emily, Alexa, and John

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