The Veronica Blouse Free Sewing Pattern

If you haven’t sewn with our viscose georgette, and want to know more, keep reading! 

Viscose georgette, a semi-synthetic fabric, carries a touch of luxury in its feel, almost akin to silk, with a beautiful draping ability. Part of the crêpe fashion fabric family, georgette fabric is a woven textile that is translucent with a slightly puckered surface. Georgette has a nice (pebbly or sandy) texture and a sumptuous drape, particularly for dresses and skirts. 

Georgette can be layered on top of more solid fabrics to add dimension and create an eye-catching effect. This fabric is lightweight, breathes well, and with its slight sheen, gives off a dashing yet comfortable allure. Georgette fabric can be found in a number of different varieties, each carrying characteristics of their own. 

It’s important to remember that due to its delicate nature, this fabric requires special care. Always opt for hand-washing or use a gentle cycle on your washing machine with cold water to preserve the vibrant print and the softness of the fabric. Consider air-drying your blouse to maintain its shape and avoid potential damage from high temperatures. 

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