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Stitching Dreams: Thankful at year’s end

Hello, my friends! I can’t believe there are only two days left in 2022, can you? I can honestly say this past year has not been the best for our family, and yet, I continue to count my blessings. The sad times will fade to distant memories, but I have faith that the good times will continue to shine brightly in my mind. I am so thankful for my family and friends, my hobbies, my home, my health. I truly have been blessed in this life…

The view from my kitchen into my sunroom


I’ve also been blessed to be part of the stitching community here on my blog and on Instagram–what a wonderful bunch you are! I received some lovely Christmas presents from many of you and I’d like to publicly thank each gift-giver today. In no particular order, I received these lovelies in December…

From June: a  charming nativity stitched card, Madame La Fée chart, bookmark, and fabric. Thank you my friend!

From Vickie: a beautiful handmade scissor sheath in the prettiest floral fabric. Thank you, my friend!

From Stasi: a lovely ornament and a small kit with lots of pretty blue threads. Thank you, my friend!

From Cindy (cindyderosa on Instagram): a lovely Noel ornament and a yummy gingerbread dark chocolate bar. Thank you, my friend!

From Robin (robin_in_virginia on Instagram): a beautiful bird-themed ornament and a cut of one of my favorite linens. Thank you, my friend!

From Claire B. (blackberryhill1 on Instagram): one of her beautifully sewn wool strawberries in navy blue, and an adorable blue and white thread ring. Thank you, my friend!

From April (in Virginia): a sweet framed stitching of holly, a Christmas notepad, and some delicious chocolate-covered pecans. Thank you, my friend!

From Cindy C. (cindycstitches on Instagram): a lovely Christmas Joy ornament and the sweetest quilled card. Thank you, my friend!

Three darling stitched cards from my German friends.  Right to left from: Martina, Manuela, and Gabi

I sent out quite a few gifts, too, but I’ll save them to share with you in my next post. Thank you also to those of you who sent cards in the mail–I do love to receive a good old-fashioned Christmas card. Many thanks to Sandy, Marilyn, Georgia, Barb R., Karen Y., Lee, Tricia, and Charlene… I truly enjoyed reading each one!

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer two more thank yous–to those generous stitchers, Janet in Texas, and Linda in North Carolina, who so nicely passed on charts that I could use as giveaways on my blog from time to time. I truly appreciate your giving spirits, Janet and Linda–thank you again! And I know all of you folks who have won a chart this year through the giveaways, thank you, too.

Giveaway time… We haven’t had a giveaway in a while, have we? Well, how about today? This cute chart (from Janet in Texas) will be a perfect winter stitch for one of you, don’t you think? It is called “Winter Things” and is a design from Waxing Moon Designs. Who would like to win it? I’ll pick the winner at random and announce the name in my first post for 2023…

If you would like to win this chart, please follow the guidelines below:

To be included in the drawing for the chart, please…

1) Specifically mention that you would
like to win the chart in your comment 

2) Be a follower in my blog’s sidebar (to the right)

sure to leave your email address in your comment (if I don’t already have

Answer the “Getting to Know You” question below. 

Getting To Know You…  My question for today is: “Do you have a New Year’s resolution or something you would really like to work on or change about yourself in the coming year?” My answer… I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do have something I really want to change about myself…  I want to get up earlier! I’ve developed this very bad habit of laying in bed for a couple of hours each morning checking emails, scrolling through social media, reading the news, etc. when I could be up and doing something useful like reading a book, stitching (or even cleaning!) instead of wasting time. That is definitely something I want to work on to change in 2023. Time is so fleeting–I can’t afford to be wasting it! How about you–is there anything you want to change about yourself?

Our Christmas was quiet and cold–the poor woodland creatures came in droves to our bird feeders during the zero degree temperatures. Thankfully, it has now warmed up to unseasonably warm days for a while and the snow has all melted. It sure was nice having a white Christmas, though. My middle son and his girlfriend were able to join us for Christmas Eve dinner (traditional manicotti and homemade multi-grain bread) and then also for a late brunch where we baked our once-a-year cinnamon buns (you can find a link to the recipe and a photo right here). After brunch we all sat in front of the toasty fire and worked on puzzles or stitched–a most relaxing day.

A trio of hungry deer visit on Christmas Eve


Even the Mourning Doves, who normally feed from the ground, couldn’t stand the cold snow. It was so unusual to see them perched up high!


We do plan on having a late Christmas (in Maryland) with my grandson, Mister B, in just a week and I can’t wait. I love seeing his joy as he opens gifts. I mailed a little Christmas card to him with some simple stickers in it and you would have thought I sent him the best toy ever! “Stickers!” he excitedly exclaimed as he pulled them out of the card. And then, prompted by his mom, he sweetly said, “Thank you, Nonna and Pompaw” and blew us a kiss through the camera. Sigh… he melts our hearts!

I began this post with a photo of our Christmas tree as seen from my kitchen into our sunroom. I’ll leave you with a photo of our family room as reflected in the mirror over our sofa. I happened to glance at the mirror and thought it looked so pretty reflecting all the Christmas lights that I just had to take a photo.

Christmas Day 2022 (that’s my blue stitching chair looking unusually tidy for a change 🙂

So another year is over… oh, how I wish they would slow down! At my age, I feel like things are rushing by way too quickly. Do any of the rest of you feel that way? We will usher in the new year in our usual quiet way–watch a movie on television, and maybe (just maybe!) stay up until midnight. More likely not… I wish you each a new year filled with good health and happy days. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me and my blog in 2022–each comment and email really does warm my heart. See you all in 2023! Bye for now… 

Wishing you every happiness in 2023!

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