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There are all sorts of symbols that are popular around St. Patrick’s Day, but my favorite is probably the shamrock. For one thing, they can be really easy to stitch because they can be made out of heart shapes, though some projects make them in different ways.

They’re also just cheerful and bring a bit of color at a time of year when we all really need it. Let’s explore some fun shamrock cross stitch patterns.

Yesterfood has a cute little shamrock cross stitch that is made with hearts for the petals. Without a border the shamrock is just 1.25 inches across, but there’s also a border you can add to it. You could make it into a little pin or use it to decorate a bookmark, among other uses.

French Creek Farmhouse has another cute little free shamrock pattern, which uses a single color of floss and easily fits in a six-inch hoop. You need to sign up for their emails to get the pattern.

How about a shamrock made out of shamrocks? This modern shamrock cross stitch pattern from Happinesst measures 71 by 86 stitches or a little more than 5 by 6 inches in 14 count fabric. It’s perfect to put in an eight inch round hoop. It uses three colors and you can buy it on Etsy.

This fun shamrock pattern is made with different plaid designs. There are actually four variations so you can make a single one or stitch all four together. Each design uses three colors of floss and is 26 by 29 stitches, which is about 1.75 by 2 inches on 14 count fabric. You can get the pattern from Easy X Stitch Patterns on Etsy.

Or try this one from Crazy Bee Patterns, also on Etsy. It has paisley-like decorations inside the clover petals. It measures 165 by 194 stitches, or about 10.31 by 12.12 inches on 16 count fabric. It also used three colors.

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