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The other day I came across a mushroom cross stitch pattern that I have shared with you before (you can find it here!) and it got me thinking about more mushrooms.

To be honest I think about mushrooms a lot because my daughter loves them and they are fun to craft in all sorts of genres. (I made a crocheted mushroom earlier this summer, and have collected mushroom knitting patterns, too.)

This sweet little cross stitch pattern of mushrooms in a jar would be so cute hanging in a kitchen or stitched on your tea towels. If you stitch it on fine enough fabric you could even turn it into a little necklace to fulfill all your cottagecore fantasies. The pattern has two versions, one with more details, and uses eight to ten colors depending on the version you choose. It measures 24 by 29 stitches and you can grab it on Etsy from Snail Fishes Stitches.

Art Inspirate on Etsy has another great design with three mushrooms of different sizes and a bit of grass. It is 51 by 54 stitches and uses nine colors. It comes out to 3.64 by 3.86 inches on 14 count fabric and is all whole cross stitches, so it’s a nice one for new stitchers looking to increase their skills.

A sweet cluster of mushrooms is hanging out with some greenery in this design from Allie Page Embroidery Shop on Etsy. If you work this one on 16-count fabric, it will fit into a 3-inch hoop. So cute!

Stitch up some mushrooms in a nighttime scene with this design from Harp Seal Crafts. Of course this one is ideal on dark-colored fabric, and it uses 15 colors. The design is 83 by 85 stitches, which measures 5.93 by 6.07 inches on 14 count fabric.

If you’re looking for something a little less realistic, I love this mushroom house cross stitch pattern from Shannon Christine Designs. The design is 53 by 58 stitches, and I think it uses a little bit of beading to make the house more magical, but of course you could leave that off if you want.


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