Cross Stitch

Mathysphere — I’m been searching for the CPA cross stitch…

so you already know this, but it’s been busy times. hope you all are safe, and that you’re able to keep going and not be overwhelmed 🖤

I kinda disconnected after posting the last stitch-a-long piece, but I’m back now– been staying off most of the internet, and unfortunately also staying mostly indoors, but I made this tiny Cocoa Cookie and now things are looking up. 🙂


She still needs her arms, a little more embroidery, and a mug of cocoa to hold, but she’s very soft and very cute, and it’s nice to have something so cheery to work on. 😊

going to respond to messages now, then probably reblog a whole bunch of people’s finished pi day advents.

I hope you all are healthy and safe, and I hope you have people near you you can lean on– even if it’s leaning via phones and video chats. 🙂

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