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Lia Griffith | Felt Manta Ray

In keeping with our aquatic collection this month, we couldn’t resist designing a few little ocean friends to join the party. These adorable handmade Felt Manta Rays couldn’t be easier to make, and honestly, they’re just so cute! Pair with our other aquatic stuffies like this felt whale shark, starfish, or turtle for a truly under-the-sea experience.   

Grab your crafting materials and scroll down to our step-by-step tutorial below. For this project, we suggest cutting the pieces by hand but feel free to use a cutting machine if you’d like.

Time to Celeb-ray-te

Considered “the blanket of the sea,” Manta Rays are some of the ocean’s largest creatures. Despite their enormous size and average wingspan of 23 feet, they are also one of the friendliest. We felt this gentle giant would be right at home amongst your summer decor or surfing the waves of your little one’s imagination.

This beginner-friendly project only features four stitches: blanket, whip, straight, and double-running. Because there are so few pieces, this felt manta ray is perfect for crafters who want to master the art of simple detailing before moving on to more challenging projects. Our tutorial will show you how to put a bit of wire in the manta’s tail to make it poseable and small stitched gills on the underside to make your new friend more realistic.

We’d love to see where your new Manta Ray ends up, so share your photos with us in our crafters community. Also, you can share on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. 



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