knitting with friends – a Friend to knit with

SO, whenever I have a coffee and knitting date at my home I want to make my friends something yummy to go with the yarn and coffee. Actually, I love to have something special most weekends with my coffee! And Sundays are usually that day.

I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted to accompany yesterdays coffee + yarn session!

I have been making these scones since 2010 and they are always consistently good.  My kids especially love them.  

The dough is rather sticky so don’t be afraid to flour that surface!  I usually just use the heal of my hand to flatten the dough.  No need to get out the rolling pin!  We like them on the small size… that way you can eat a few!  (Or six!)

The cinnamon chips can be hard to find locally but Amazon usually stocks them.  I know, you have to buy a lot but they freeze well!  

And wouldn’t you know it that my sweet friend brought delicious scones that she had baked that morning also.  

I guess knitters think alike!  

I started another Best Friend Butterfly Blanket to accompany my treats.  I promised a friend I would make one for her new baby that welcomed their family 3 months ago.  I really needed to get it started.  

I also started 2 other “summer” projects this weekend.  They are on tiny needles and are using black yarn.  What was I thinking?  Well, for one that I can only knit with black yarn in bright light.  So, no time like the summer!

Mods:  I have started to bake at a lower temperature (350º) because my family likes them a little cakier.  But if you like them a little firmer than continue to bake at 400º.

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