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How to Plan and Run a Needle Felting Worshop! – Felting


If you have been felting for a few years and find that you constantly come across people who say they would love to learn, or you just have the drive to grow a small business then this is a great way to take your craft to the next level.

As someone who has been teaching for many years I have learned so much from the process of teaching as well as setting a course up that will help students to not only succeed but to have an enjoyable day out.

Today I have found a great resource that will help you to do the same!  Over at Fit to be Loved you will find a thorough post with all you need to know to get set up.  From there you will learn through trial and error what works in your neighbourhood and with the time you have available.

It’s so much fun teaching, I have enjoyed all the classes I have taught.  Just remember to take breaks, make it as easy for yourself as you can (you can’t felt for hours every day, your body needs breaks) and be imaginative to keep students coming back for more and recommending you to everyone they know!

The link to the blog post is here:  FitToBeLoved

And there is also a great little video to go with it here:


If you are so blessed as to be able to earn from doing something you love I hope you will find this information to be useful to you and all the best with your plans for the rest of this year!

Happy Felting!

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