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How to needle felt a star from wool roving with a cookie cutter – Studio Koekoek

Tips to needle felt as a pro

Roll your wool roving tightly before you start felting

To get a neat result, please make sure to roll your wool roving tightly. A tight roll makes it easier to attach another part to it. It also makes it easier to create a beautiful looking piece.

Poke, poke, and poke until it’s firm!

Needle felting is a slow technique. So take your time and keep poking. If you see loose hanging ‘hairs’, or if your piece is loose, you’ll need to poke a bit more!

Move your needle straight up and down

Aim to move your needle up and down, instead of moving your needle at an angle. This will help prevent breaking off the tip of your needle.

Safety first!

Never look away from your felting project when needle felting! Felting needlse are sharp with lots of little hooks. If you push those into your skin you can make a nasty injury.

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