How to make the Perfect Blueberry Compote in under 10 minutes!

Perfect Blueberry Compote in under 10 minutes!

Perfect Blueberry Compote … the simplest and quickest way to make the most delicious and quite perfect blueberry compote every time. The recipe needs 5 ingredients, it’s ready in under 10 minutes, it works with fresh or frozen blueberries and it tastes delicious. Oh, did I say it looks beautiful and glossy too?

Eggless desserts with blueberries, Tart Recipe in my cookbook

Few berries can give you so much instant gratification as blueberries! I love how easy they are to work with, how beautiful they look, the pop of colour they add, the rustic beauty they lend to desserts and how rewarding the end result is!

Indian summer vibes

I also love how berries remind you of summer! Find more recipes on my Instagram feed.

Summer & berries

Considered a superfood, various studies suggest that blueberries can benefit the body in many ways, including improving heart health, increasing bone strength, and lowering blood pressure. This tiny but ‘mighty’ berry is loaded with nutrients, a berry I use often now that’s it’s easily available at the local bazaar.


The pros are many. Fresh blueberries are quite hardy and keep well refrigerated for 5-7 days at least. They make for a beautiful garnish and taste really nice too both raw and cooked. They’re also easily available all year round now and thankfully aren’t very expensive. If you have a big batch of fresh bluebs on hand, wash them well, rinse and pat dry, then lay them on a tray and freeze them. Once frozen, just pop the lot into a Ziploc and you’ve got a supply of frozen blueberries!

There are a million desserts you can create with fresh and frozen blueberries, and a million ways you can use them in recipes. Salads, smoothies, sauces, over granola, in parfaits, as a compote, in cakes and cheesecakes, in muffins, on pancakes, blueberry frosting, even blueberry ganacheyou name it, and you can sneak some bluebs in to make things more delicious!

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Perfect Blueberry Compote, 5 ingredients, ready in 10 minutes

Perfect Blueberry Compote

How to make the Perfect Blueberry Compote in under 10 minutes!
Makes 1 jar

Prep Time 3 minutes

Cook Time 5 minutes

Total Time 8 minutes

Course Appetiser, Dessert, Drinks, Salad

Cuisine American

Blueberry compote

  • 160 g blueberry fresh/ frozen
  • 50 g demerara sugar
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 3 tbsp water
  • Juice of 1/2 lime

Blueberry compote

  • Stir everything together in a heavy bottom pan EXCEPT lime juice.

  • Simmer until the berries release colour and soften slightly, 3-4 minutes.

  • Remove the berries to a bowl. Continue to simmer the syrup for about 30 seconds until it’s thick and glossy. Keep a close eye because this happens quite quickly.

  • Take off the heat and pour the syrup back over the berries.

  • Add the lime juice, then stir gently and cool.

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