Gathered tulle skirts – sewing inspiration

Today, I want to inspire you with a blast from the past – a collection of photos of tulle skirts that I sewed many moons ago. Check out these pics for some serious sewing inspo. I also have lots of tutorials on how to create your own gathered tulle skirts and make them totally unique. Get ready to dive into a world of tulle, creativity, and sewing magic!

As some of you know, a few years ago I had a small online business selling handmade tulle skirts.

Recently, I came across a folder filled to the brim with those photos, and I felt so proud and happy. You know, I never posted photos from that period on this blog because they were all watermarked with a ‘Sew Violet’ logo, and the last thing I wanted was to confuse my readers. But now, after finding a miracle website that uses artificial intelligence to remove watermarks with just one click, I had no excuse anymore. (obviously, “Sew Violet” is the name I used for my business back then)

Also, this AI thing is the reason why I don’t bother anymore with watermarking my own photos. You can get rid of any watermark instantly, just by uploading the photo – it’s just not worth it, and it does absolutely nothing to stop others from using your images.

On a different note, I remember that I used to feel uneasy at the time about the background of my tulle skirt photos.

The unfinished side of the fence, the modest lawn, the small fruit trees, and so on. The eyes of today only see the beauty in those photos – the greenery, the sunset, the promise of the branches laden heavy with apricots, and the unassuming youth. So here goes!

I made these tulle skirts about 5 to 7 years ago. I used soft tulle fabric (3 individually gathered layers per skirt), a half-circle satin skirt, and exposed elastic for the waistband.

Each tulle skirt has three layers of tulle, all gathered in the same way as described in this tutorial. What differs, of course, is the length and waist circumference since I made these skirts for different customers. 

After all these years, I still think these tulle skirts are so cute! They’re flouncy and flowy and make you feel like a total princess. I mean, who wouldn’t want to twirl around in a cloud of tulle?

Whether you’re going to a fancy event, a mom & daughter date, or just want to feel extra cute on a regular day, a tulle skirt is the way to go. The best part, you can make them in all sorts of colors, so you can find one that matches your vibe perfectly.

I hope I inspired you to create something new and fun today!

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