Fun Cow Activities for Kids – Lesson Plans

Did you know July 11 is Cow Appreciation Day? I guess you might have if you’re a Chick-fil-A fan, since they give out free food on that day if you dress like a cow. For the rest of us, this holiday is a fun opportunity to learn about and do crafts related to cows, and bring on all the milk, cheese and ice cream snacks!

First you’ll want to look the part, which you can do with these printable cow headbands from Kansas Living.

Make a cow out of a paper plate with this tutorial from Housing a Forest. Or put together a cow with this printable from Simple Mom Project.

Why not make a handprint cow? (Frosting and Glue) Or a paper bag cow? (Simply Everyday Mom)

Learn how to draw a cow with How to Draw Easy. Or grab the parts of a cow worksheet from Clever Learner, label the parts and color in the cow. (They also have instructions for how to draw a cow if you’d like another tutorial.)

Make a cow bell out of a can with instructions from The Crafting Chicks. (This does require poking a hole in the can, which should of course be done by an adult.)

Who wouldn’t want to “milk a cow”? You can make a cow out of a cardboard box or just do the udder part and let kids “milk” it. Either way you can get the instructions from We are the Hawleys.

Spatial Learners has a great unit study for elementary school kids all about cows. It includes text to read, a lapbook and writing pages, and you can get it from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Want to share some fun facts about cows? Cows carry their babies for nine months, just like humans. Cows have a strong sense of smell and can apparently smell something up to six miles away! They also have a 330 degree field of vision, which means they can see almost all the way around them. Cows are very social and love living in groups of 20 to 30 cows.

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