Friday Faves / vol. 18 — Made by Rae

puzzling: I started another Magic Puzzle and about halfway through a kid spilled a glass of pop all over it and so I threw it in the garbage and had a silent tantrum. So I am sharing a pic of one I did a couple months ago called “Plant Ladies” and just pretending I did that one instead.

reading: I read Still Life by Sarah Winman and now I really want to go back to Florence. And The Lincoln Highway was super fun to read.

gardening: I picked my first crop of asparagus in the garden this week, hurrah!

sewing: I got my newest pattern design, Garnet, back from the grader and cut out a sample for Clementine in a pale purple grid linen that I’m going to sew up next week. If you get my newsletter you got a sneak peek of Garnet in the last issue of Studio Notes.

watching: In the middle of watching Beef with Mr Rae (whoa.). Also binged Tiny Beautiful Things, which totally made me cry, and Queen Charlotte, which was the perfect amount of period costume + hair + melodrama.

In the nature-watching category: I put the hummingbird feeder up on our kitchen window this week and it’s been delightful to watch them buzz by and grab nectar while we eat breakfast.

cooking: I made one-pot Chicken Orzo with spinach and artichokes this week and served it with the fresh asparagus and it was a big hit. We eat a lot of DALS recipes around here, and Jenny’s newsletter is also great.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!


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