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It’s time to jumpstart the new year with our first SWAP, the fat quarter bundle! SWAP’s are one of my favorite things to do with a new friend and since I know we all have more fabric in our stash than we could ever stitch this is the perfect way to get organized.

Meet a new friend and exchange a few fat quarters in the first SWAP of the year with The Sewing Loft. Sign ups are happening now.

When I started hosting SWAP’s years ago I really never imagined how popular they would ever become. But fast forward and they are one of my most popular events to host. Folks from all over the map participate, meet new friends and create something amazing!

Now for those of you who are new to SWAP’s or have never participated in one of mine before, have no fear, this is easy and I am here to help. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the SWAP:

  • Keep an eye on your inbox.
  • Be sure to reach out to your new sewing buddy.
  • Don’t forget to ship on time.
  • Above all, relax & just have fun!

Fat Quarter SWAP Details:

WHAT/SIZE: Every participant will put together and receive 5 fat quarters of assorted prints and colors. The colors and prints included are “Maker’s choice” and can be anything that you think your partner would enjoy and use. Fat quarters should be of cotton quilting quality and measure 18″ x 22″.

WHEN: Sign Up’s are happening NOW through January 13th, 2023, or earlier.* All packages must be shipped to partners by February 10th, 2023.

WHERE: Everywhere! My SWAP events are open to everyone. Our goal is to pair participants with a partner in their general area to keep shipping costs low.

WHO: All fabric scrap lovers and stitchers are welcome! Please remember when joining any swap, your partner may have a different skill level and color assortment than you do.

Price: $5 per SWAP. This question comes up often and I want to clarify this right upfront. Running a SWAP of this size and caliber requires a tremendous amount of effort behind the screen. Events like this require many hours of organizing, emailing, and following up with participants. Not to mention being a SWAP Angel when a partner falls out at the last minute. This is the reason for the small fee.

*Space is limited and the event will likely sell out.

Meet a new friend and exchange a few fat quarters in the first SWAP of the year with The Sewing Loft. Sign ups are happening now.

Now for anyone wondering what exactly a fat quarter or FQ is, I have a great article here. Not only will it explain what the term fat quarter stands for but there is a fun printout for you to download on the different units that can be cut from a fat quarter. It is very handy!

Ways to use a Fat Quarter | The Sewing Loft

You can make endless projects with these bite-size fabric bits. Here are 100 ideas to get you started!

More Fat Quarter Friendly Projects

Scrappy Fabric Group: As many of you know fostering community is very important to me. To help encourage this atmosphere, I have formed a private Facebook community to chat directly with you and offer a safe space for everyone to get together. Inside the group, you can share projects you are working on or have finished, meet and get to know the members from around the world, share inspiration, and participate in additional group activities. Everything is in one spot- simple and easy to use on your computer or smartphone. Please feel free to click the link to join the community. All are welcome!


Here is how the SWAP will work:

The Fat Quarter SWAP is open for sign-ups until January 13th, 2023.*  After checking out, you will receive an email questionnaire to help me pair you with the perfect sewing buddy.  Then I’ll be digging in with my team and getting to work partnering you with the perfect sewing buddy. All participants will receive an email with their partner information by the end of the day, January 20th, 2023.

Once you have your partner’s information, I suggest that you drop them an email to get to know them better. It is customary to send a little gift along with your swap package. Consider sending something handmade, a sweet treat, a freshly stitched quilt block, or even just a little note card. This should not be cost-prohibitive and is just an act of kindness that I am sure will be much appreciated by your partner!

It's time to clean up your space, sort your scraps and check out the Heartland Heritage supply list. Sewing begins in just one week.

Then it is time to start selecting fat quarters from your stash or your local quilt shop that you think they might enjoy.

If you have never joined a SWAP before I have a great article on SWAP Etiquette and how they work. In the meantime, remember my Scrappy Girls Club Community is always open. Feel free to stop by anytime to chat with other members and share how you are using your scraps! You can share any time during the day, we are always open.

Please remember that SWAP’s like this are all about having fun. No one is putting your work under a microscope. Instead, I just ask that you take pride in your offering by trimming off any loose threads and think about how the person receiving this special package will feel when opening it.

Why should you be part of “the Fat Quarter SWAP”?

Who doesn’t love meeting a new friend and opening up a package of mystery fabrics?! When joining the Fat Quarter SWAP, you will not only be exchanging fat quarters of quilting fabric to make something new but you will be partnered with a sewing buddy that shares your passion, understands your need for fabric, and totally cringes when cutting into their favorite fabric. Basically, someone who “get’s it”!

This is a swap that fits your schedule, has members who are passionate about sewing, and gets you excited about starting your next great project.

I encourage you to keep in touch with your new sewing buddy after our packages have been exchanged and welcome you to join our private Facebook group here. Inside the group, you can upload pictures, ask questions, and meet other members. If Instagram is more your speed, be sure to share your projects & happy mail using the hashtag #SewingLoftSWAP2023 you can follow us on Instagram here.

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