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I’m spending a lot of time this month sharing different genres of fall and Halloween cross stitch patterns, because it doesn’t have to be all pumpkins all the time (but we do love pumpkins and will be getting to them soon, too).

Today it’s ghost cross stitch patterns, which are mostly more cute than creepy and are perfect for decor, stitched Halloween cards, or even stitching onto a shirt or a skirt to be your “Halloween costume.”

The first one that caught my eye was this little library ghost, because, let’s be honest, if I got to be a ghost I’d want to haunt a library so I could keep reading. This design is by Living on the Rainbow on Etsy, and it’s 31 by 33 stitches. The photo shows it on black fabric in a 3-inch hoop worked on 18-count fabric (if you use 14 count it will be a little snug in a 3-inch hoop).

Speaking of books, Cute Patterns by Maria on Etsy has a collection of ghosts doing ghost stuff, one of which includes books. There’s also a few in witch hats, hanging with their spooky friends, making a potion and more. They’re so cute stitched all together but you can also break them down into individual designs if you don’t want to stitch them all.

This ghost cross stitch pattern from Yarnspirations reminds me of a sheet ghost, which I just think is so cute! It’s a free pattern that uses three colors and plenty of back stitching to outline the ghost (or stitch it on dark fabric).

This sweet little flower ghost with a pumpkin is just so cute I would want to be its friend! The design is from Etsy seller White Protea Art and is 66 by 65 stitches, or 4.7 by 4.6 inches on 14-count fabric. 

And Mama Witch Cross Stitch on Etsy wants you to adopt an adorable ghost with her little cross stitch pattern. This one is quick to stitch at just 33 by 45 stitches, though it does use seven colors in that little space. It comes out to 2.36 by 3.21 inches on 14-count fabric.

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