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I came across this Bored Panda post the other day that shows different cool and unusual things people have done with cross stitch. You’re welcome to scroll through the whole thing if you like — there’s definitely a lot of cool stuff in there — but the one I wanted to point out was number 11, which is from a Reddit post, in which user _The_Blonde_One_ made a QR code for their WiFi password, which is actually pretty genius.

So I dug around a little bit and found a post on Instructables by r-lavelle that explains how to go about converting a QR code into cross stitch. It’s actually not that hard to do.

They used an already produced code, but if you want to generate your own for something like your WiFi password, directions to your house or whatever you might want to keep in a handy, scanable format, you can use a free QR code generator online to develop the code you want to stitch up.

Once you have that, you can draw out a chart (or a QR code is a grid, so you can stitch directly from that if you’re super fancy). The way the Instructables tutorial does it, it makes a grid that’s 29 by 29 stitches square.

And when you have your grid transferred to graph paper, you can just stitch it up in black thread on white fabric and you’re all set. You’ll of course want to test it before you hang it to make sure it sends people where you want it to go.

I love _The_Blonde_One_’s addition of the house shape and a label so people know what it is for. If you’re chaotic you can make several QR codes to hang around your house and send people random places. I love the idea of having one hanging in the bathroom. Where would you direct people to go with your cross stitched QR code?

[Photo: _The_Blonde_One_, via Reddit]

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