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The perfect wallet is nearly impossible to find the in the stores.  It seems they’re all either too big, too small, too many pockets, too few pockets, etc.  But if you sew you can make your own DIY wallet and make it exactly how you like!  We’ve collected up 9 DIY fabric wallet tutorials so you can make your own wallet! 

9 DIY Fabric Wallets You Can Sew Today

Look at all the cute fabric wallets you can sew! Make them for yourself or to give as gifts.


THE Wallet – Your Free Sewing Pattern for the Perfect, Favourite Accessory by The Folk Art Factory

A simple snap wallet with a slip pocket and zipper pocket inside.

[photo credit: The Folk Art Factory]


How to Make a Velcro Wallet by Happiest Camper

A bi-fold wallet with two pockets on the inside, each with a hook and loop tape closure.

[photo credit: Happiest Camper]


Simple Fabric Wallet – Free Sewing Pattern by Orange Bettie for Bombshell Bling

Velcro wallet with pockets inside for credit cards and paper money.

[photo credit: Bombshell Bling]


How to Make an Easy Card Wallet With a Free Sewing Pattern by Jennie Masterson

Sew a card wallet using just two pieces of vinyl and one easy seam!

[photo credit: Jenny Masterson]


The Perfect DIY Wallet Sewing Pattern: Free! by Sew Can She

This quilted wallet has a clear phone pocket on the outside (back) and a removable strap. The inside includes a small zip pocket and slip pockets for credit cards.

[photo credit: Sew Can She]


Basic Wallet by Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog

This clutch wallet includes a small zipper pouch, 6 slip pockets for credit cards, and a large pocket to hold paper money. 

[photo credit: Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog]


GameDay Wristlet by Raspberry Sunshine

Keep up with your phone and other essentials with this GameDay Wristlet.

[photo credit: GameDay Wristlet]


Sew Easy Boy’s Wallet Pattern by Delia Creates

This simple wallet is made from felt and is easy enough for kids to sew!

[photo credit: Delia Creates]


Mini Wallet Tutorial by Ameroonie Designs

Attach this mini wallet to your keychain!  Inside are two slip pockets to hold credit cards or folded money.

[photo credit: Ameroonie Designs]

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Make a Handy Concertina Wallet or Accordion Wallet If you’re on the hunt for a practical and stylish wallet, look no further! In this detailed sewing tutorial, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of making a handy concertina wallet, also known as an accordion wallet. With its clever design and multiple compartments, this wallet is perfect for organizing your cards, cash, and coins

Gift Card Wallet Keychain Free Sewing Pattern – Searching for the perfect gift idea or a fun project for yourself? Look no further than this adorable gift card wallet keychain! This free sewing pattern allows you to create a compact and practical wallet that can hold gift cards, credit cards, or even spare change. The added keychain feature makes it easy to keep your essentials close at hand

Easy DIY Fabric Wallet Sewing Tutorial Why settle for a store-bought wallet when you can create your own unique fabric wallet with this easy DIY sewing tutorial? This project is perfect for sewing beginners and those looking to add a personal touch to their everyday essentials.

Sewing pattern: Phone wallet organizer Tired of juggling your phone, wallet, and other essentials? This sewing pattern for a phone wallet organizer has got you covered! With dedicated pockets for your phone, cards, cash, and even a zippered compartment, this organizer keeps everything neatly in one place. 

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