Arbor Day for Kids – Lesson Plans

Here’s another fun holiday you’ve never heard of: April 25 is school bus driver day. It’s as good a day as any to celebrate the drivers who get our kiddos wherever they need to go, but it’s also a fun time to bring out some activities related to buses. These are also great for back to school time.

I’m sure you’ve sung the “Wheels on the Bus” song a million times in your career as a parent or teacher. These printables make it easier and even more fun for little ones to learn and sing along. Print out the pictures and mount them on sticks and the whole classroom (or busload of kids) can see exactly where you are in the song. These come from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.

If your kiddos need some reminders about bus safety, check out these ideas (accompanying printables are available from Teachers Pay Teachers) from Teach with Me.

This bus-themed measurement activity from 123 Homeschool 4 Me is a great way to show kids that you don’t always have to measure with a ruler. It uses cubes to measure buses of different sizes, but you could use other units of measure you have handy as well.

Or use your counting bears to count out how many bears go on the bus with these printables from ABCs of Literacy.

Match upper and lower case letters on the front and back of a bus with the cute printables from Preschool Play and Learn. Work on recognition of a few letters at a time or match the whole alphabet for older kids.

Practice color identification by matching kids with the same color shirt to the bus with that colors stripe with these printables from Tot Schooling.

And if you’re looking for some school bus crafts, check out this roundup from A Little Pinch of Perfect. Or grab some of these activities (some are crafts, some not) from Sea of Knowledge.

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