A Peek Into My New Sewing Studio

Yes, I’ve gotten myself a new sewing studio! For the last 1.5 years, I’ve rented a sewing studio away from home. This has been a real game changer for my work, but it’s also a really small space, just 12 m² (130 ft²), making it hard to film YouTube videos and take photos of garments.

But as luck would have it, I befriended a group of artists that shared a bigger space in the same building. And then, one day, three of them decided to move on to other spaces, leaving only one person, and he didn’t want to take on all the studio rent himself.

So we started to have a conversation about me taking over the remaining space, and then everything happened super quickly! Two weeks ago, I began to move in, and this weekend, I was finally able to set everything up.

This was my friend Oskar’s corner before I moved in 🙂

Ready to fill the white space with all my sewing stuff!

The mess! Moving is so exhausting, even though I only moved three doors in the same corridor.

Now we are talking! This is the sewing area, where everything is set up for a great workflow with lots of accessible storage.

And this is the storage and computer area. You can see all my books on the shelf and the versions that are translated into other languages.

I’ve drilled every hole, assembled every piece of furniture and built all the shelves myself. One evening I was in the studio until midnight, trying to get everything finished. It’s been very exhausting, to say the least, but I find it hard to concentrate on work when my environment is messy.

I’ve also been juggling two different day jobs since October, but now I’m back to part-time, and the rest of the time will be devoted to The Last Stitch and all the fun things I want to create. For the upcoming Fit For Knits Book for instance, we have about 140 pages done by now, but there are still plenty more pages to do.

Also, it feels amazing to have a studio mate. I don’t thrive in loneliness, so making friends in the same building has been a blessing. As luck would have it, Oskar is a writer and photographer, so we also plan to do some work trades in the future.

I will do a more proper studio tour later to show you how I store my sewing stuff, including lots of Ikea hacks. Plus, I finally invested in a large format printer for all those pdf-patterns, so I will post a review once I get it going. I just need to order paper, because I forgot to do that when I bought the printer. Aww. well!

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