A guide to luxury cruise in Turkey

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The coast of Turkey is stunning; there are hillsides covered in pine forests, and olive groves that rise steeply above black and golden sandy beaches lapped by the sea. A perfect way to explore this wonderful shoreline in detail is to take a luxury cruise. You can spend several days sunbathing on deck, swimming in pretty coves, or visiting traditional sites and unwinding over long lunches in Turkish coastal towns.

luxury cruise in Turkey

Since a luxury cruise offers both accommodation and transport, you can enjoy a hassle-free luxury yacht charter Turkey holiday that will remain in your memory throughout your life. And chartering a ship is simple and quick in Turkey. Whether you have a captain’s licence or not, you’ll be able to charter a luxury cruise easily.

Let’s take a look at the options for luxury cruise in Turkey, and the service you can expect.

Luxury cruise in Turkey

Turkey’s beautiful turquoise coast is home to many different luxury cruises. In most cases, tours typically last between five and seven days.

Luxury cruises with set themes are available, including those that take shore excursions to traditional ruins, cultural events and historic towns. Other luxury cruises are more dedicated to watersports or relaxation, but you can always add optional shore excursions.

You can also charter a private luxury cruise to spend time with your family and friends or celebrate a special event. Luxury cruises usually include the entire crew, and you can choose or tailor your itinerary. If you prefer being hands-off, you can let the company plan and arrange everything for you.

There are small luxury cruise alternatives catering to families or couples. If you’re planning something bigger, medium-size boats are available and take a maximum of twelve visitors, and larger ones can take a minimum of thirty guests.

Other alternatives that you can consider for a memorable luxury yacht charter Turkey holiday include VIP, deluxe, standard and economy boats.

What luxuries can you expect?

Many luxury cruise chartering companies have stepped up to accommodate all types of travellers, including extra perks or exclusive suite complexes for their higher-paying customers.

With these packages, affluent travellers can avoid the stresses of mega-ship life, such as crowded sun decks and lounges and long queues. They can still take advantage of all the amenities, including expansive kids clubs, multiple nightlife and entertainment options, and active-deck pursuits.

VIP luxury cruises combine top-notch suites with private sun decks and lounges, as well as restaurants inaccessible to most passengers. Travellers who book luxury cruises can also enjoy extra amenities, VIP privileges and services. The entire experience is like sailing on a luxury vessel within a larger, amenity-laden cruise ship.

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Luxury cruise prices in Turkey

Luxury cruises in Turkey vary in price depending on the ship and package you choose. You can book your luxury yacht charter Turkey holiday in three main categories that feature different prices; deluxe, luxury and standard.

In addition to the ship size and category, another feature that determines the price is the range of services and amenities available, such as watersports and Jacuzzis on deck.

Standard cruises are usually smaller, with less deck space and special amenities. As a result, the price is more affordable. Deluxe or luxury boats usually include private restaurants, five-star hotels, and extra amenities, making them relatively expensive.

Finding the right luxury yacht charter in Turkey

There are many luxury yacht charter Turkey providers and tour organisers. Most of these companies’ itineraries include meals, entrance fees to traveller destinations, and transfers to and from airports.

When it comes to picking the perfect luxury yacht charter in Turkey, you’ve got lots of options. To make a good choice, consider the quality of the vessel, the services available, and also whether the itinerary suits your party. Balancing costs with service quality will help you find a charter that’s perfect for your holiday plans.

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