A Franconia in Sicily | Cashmerette

Well hello there! Yes, it’s me, just chilling on a quirkily-painted staircase in Sicily, as you do!

Recently I had the great fortune to have a mini-break in Taormina—and if you’ve watched White Lotus Season 2 and are thinking it looks familiar then yes, you are correct, you do recognize it. We didn’t stay at that hotel but see just over my right shoulder in the photo below? That’s the scene of the crime (show)! Plus Mount Etna, for those of you who aren’t avid HBO watchers, apparently that’s a big deal too. It actually erupted the day before we arrived (!!!!) but the ash was sufficiently dispersed for us to land the following day, thank goodness. Otherwise I would have missed eating the best pastries of my life.

And what could be better for swanning around the toe of Italy than my Cashmerette Club Franconia Dress? You may think you’ve heard this from me before but: legit, this is my all-time fave Cashmerette Club pattern. It is just so… me. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear, has shaping without being super fitted, and best of all, it’s made in this super soft and lovely gingham double gauze that was generous donated to us by Atelier Brunette. (Even more fun? There’s a smaller scale gingham on the reverse side! So much potential!).

Pair it with a snazzy hat bought at 5am in the Gatwick departure lounge Accesorize, and some sunnies that were an emergency purchase when I left my others in an Uber, and boom, the perfect outfit for living out the languid Italian days (sans pre-schooler!), and definitely not getting murdered. If you know what I mean.

My personal-sewing time is limited these days (most of my weekends are spent standing in playgrounds and doing colouring-in) but when I do get the chance, another Franconia is top of the list.

Want the Franconia for yourself? Join me in the Cashmerette Club and get it for just $9 USD!

(Joining after July 2023? You’ll need to join at the All Access level to get the Franconia.)

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