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5 Tips for Making Your Easter Holiday a Success — The Felting Dorcas

Easter is a heart-warming holiday that focuses on new life and the blossoming of spring! Traditions for Easter vary across the world and there are many great opportunities for making Easter special for you and your family! And we’d like to share a few tips that would help make your Easter fun and memorable!

Visit a local farm

Easter is known for a few things: bunnies, eggs, ducklings, and lambs. All those things are on farms. Easter is in many ways, a celebration of spring and new life. A petting zoo, or family farm where the kids can play with baby ducklings or feed bunny rabbits is always going to be a hit. Just be prepared for a potential tantrum if they get it in their head to take one home with you. The best way to maneuver through this conversation is to tell the kid that these baby ducklings would be happier here with their brothers and sisters and mama. Take pictures of your kids with the little animals. It always makes for some great photo ops.

Plant some flowers or vegetables

Do you have a little bit of space outdoors for a small garden or potted plants? Make a project with you and your kids to plant a seed and watch the seed grow into a large plant. An easy plant to grow are bush beans, and your kids will get a kick out of pulling the beans off the bush to cook up for supper. It might even make them excited to eat veggies! Another good option is to pick out some pretty flowers to plant, and have your kids help with digging the soil and planting the little flowers in the ground. Adding some colors to the home is a great way to celebrate Easter.

Painting or coloring eggs

The smell of vinegar from egg coloring is one of the most nostalgic things about Easter for many people. It’s a fun tradition that requires only a little prep and work in the kitchen. Try to have your kid be as involved as possible, because learning how to participate in the traditions is part of what makes them fun. It’s also a chance for kids to let out their creative side.

Plan an egg hunt

You can’t get away with not having an egg hunt, but sometimes they can turn into disappointment if there aren’t enough eggs to go around, or if the eggs are hidden too well. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t use real eggs!

Attend a Religious Ceremony

If the religious aspect of the holiday is important for you and your family there is nothing quite like experiencing an evening service the night before Easter. If you have a local orthodox church in your area who is open to visitors, some of the most majestic services take place there. You can also check with your local churches to see what kind of events they have planned. There are tons of fantastic events you can find around Easter time, so Happy Easter to your family from all of us!

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