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5 Great Gardening Apps

Figuring out the garden might seem like a daunting task. With today’s technology, there are so many great resources to help you along the way. Read on to learn about 5 great gardening apps that you can download to help you with all of your garden planning!


From Seed to Spoon

Chocked full of garden advice, From Seed to Spoon includes:

  • A complete growing guide for over 100 vegetables, herbs and fruits.
  • Based on your GPS location, get customized planting dates, care reminders,
  • Plant filter based on their associated health benefits
  • See varieties for plants and purchase seeds or transplants directly from the trusted Park Seed
  • Plan your garden space with companion planting strategies and other organic growing methods
  • Attract beneficial insects
  • Recipes


Standard app is free. Premium version is $4.99 per month/$46.99 annually – Learn more at



Moon and Garden

This gardening app takes a biodynamic (organic/eco-conscious) approach to planting and harvesting, relying on the moon’s phases as a guide to when to plant, harvest, transplant, etc.


The app includes:

  • A calendar that offers daily “to-do” tasks (and what not to-do!)
  • Daily lunar phase
  • Notes which constellation the moon is passing in front of to determine if it’s a “root, flower, leaf or fruit” day
  • Weather trackers
  • Photo gallery
  • Garden term dictionary
  • Garden reminders
  • Opportunity to connect with other gardeners


The app is free, but if you would like the “ad free” version, it is just $0.99 – Learn more at



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PictureThis – Plant Identifier

We’ve all done it – seen a plant and wondered what it was. PictureThis Identifies over 17,000+ plant species with 98% accuracy. Take a photo of the plant in question and PictureThis will complete a plant identification to answer all your questions. The


  • Identify plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs, or trees
  • Identify toxic plants to help keep your family and pets safe
  • Get useful plant care tips
  • Set reminders to water, fertilize, mist, clean and repot your plants
  • Track how much sunlight your plant is getting with the light meter
  • Get diagnoses and advice on plant diseases c
  • Have your questions answered by horticultural experts in one-on-one consultations
  • Get plant recommendations based on growing zone, skills required, gardening space and more


Free 1 week trial. A variety of plan offerings ranging from $2.99 per month for the Gold plant to $49.99 for a one year Platinum subscription Family Plan – Learn more at



iScape Landscape Design

Helps you design your landscape using augmented reality to overlay different landscaping features onto an image of your yard you’ve uploaded. There is a free demo version of the app as well as a paid version that offers more features.


  • You can create your design based on an image of your yard you’ve uploaded or one of the app’s offerings
  • Choose from thousands of plants and landscaping elements to create your space
  • Get comprehensive plant information and expert planting advice
  • Easy-to-use design tools expedite your design workflow
  • Share your design with your landscaper or other professionals, family and friends


Subscriptions start at $7.99 per week up to an annual Pro version for $299.99 per year. Learn more at




Choose your lot size and start selecting plants. The app will tell you information about your selected plant like how deep to plant seeds, length of time until and more:


  • Offers companion plants and plants that are detrimental to co-planting
  • Planting calendar for when to start seeds or transplant
  • Square foot gardening layout grid for easy spacing
  • Information on 80+ fruits and vegetables and hundreds of varieties
  • Ability to add custom plants if your favorites aren’t included


A variety of subscription available including monthly and annual offerings ranging from 0.99 for a monthly subscription to $39.99 for a Lifetime option. Learn more at


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