2023 Printable Monthly Project & Quilt Planner

Who’s ready to get organized? (Raises hand!) I’m going to do my part to help you organize your sewing, quilting, and craft projects this year with these printable monthly project planners. Keep yourself on track throughout the year!

flat lay of printed planner pages and calendar with desk supplies on table

Like many of you, I sat down at the beginning of the year to “get myself organized.” I’ve been a little off track the last few months, and I have begun a plan to “right the ship,” for lack of a better term.

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How I Plan My Year

As I planned out the patterns and projects I wanted to share here in the coming year, I began to make myself a set of project planners.

First, I broke down by month what I wanted to accomplish, then began making a list of what I would need to do it.

We offered a set of planner pages like this last year, and they were so popular that we’ve decided to do a 2023 version of the pages!

The 2023 version includes NEW cover art and updated calendars. It is FREE with any purchase over $5 in our shop!

NOTE: Some images on this blog post feature our 2020 or 2021 calendar art, but all of the downloads will contain the updated 2023 art.

Why a Separate Quilters Planner?

I have a traditional paper planner. I keep it at my desk and use it to keep track of deadlines and major events; I do not like to use it as a project planner. For me, I feel it’s better to keep that separate.

flat lay of printed planner pages and calendar with desk supplies on table

For my projects, I prefer to use large notebooks. I like to have lots of room to write and sketch. Since those are so big, I don’t want to carry them around with me.

I have found that traditional planners are usually too small and don’t have enough “free” space for notes and sketches.

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About the 2023 Monthly Project Planner Pages

Recently those large notebooks have not been working well for me as they have become a notebook full of unorganized random notes and scribbles; for this reason, I have transitioned to a more project-based system.

flat lay of printed planner pages and calendar with desk supplies on table

Soo…. since I was designing a set of project planners for myself in the new year, I thought I might as well share those with you too!

These project planner pages are designed specifically to help you plan, manage & complete your sewing, craft, and quilting projects throughout the year. 

What exactly is in the Printable Monthly Project Planners?

This is the system I am using for myself. Due to my job, I have a lot of experience planning and executing projects on a timeline.

I constantly have to finish projects with a set deadline, and I have learned how to “get stuff done” over the years. I’m sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from doing that with you.

The idea behind these planning pages is that you print out ONE set a month. Each month has 7 pages. You can print as many or as few of each specific page as you want. It all just depends on what you’re working on that month.

printed out planner pages on white grid cutting mat

NOTE: January 2023 has different cover art (the photo is from 2021)

  • Title Page
  • 2023 Dated Monthly Calendar Pages
  • Project Planning Sheet
  • Project-Specific Supply List
  • Monthly To-Do List
  • Notes & Sketches Page
  • To Buy List

Each of the title pages includes an exclusive design for the cover! All of the covers feature graphics from my fabric collections!

New in 2023!

flat lay of printed planner pages and calendar with desk supplies on table

This year, I’ve added a small notecard to the cover of our monthly pages. That way, you can also jot down a few thoughts on the cover. I plan to use it to note my “big” projects for that month so they are always at the forefront.

On the Monthly calendar printable, there is a spot at the bottom for you to list the 3 things you want to accomplish most that month. I’ve found that long “to-do” lists overwhelm me and it’s better to concentrate on specific attainable tasks.

How Do I turn the Loose Pages into a Planner?

flat lay of printed planner pages and calendar with desk supplies on table

You have a few options; you can:

  1. Print them out and put them in a 3-ring binder.
  2. Staple the pages together
  3. Keep the pages paperclipped together and put them in a notebook with pockets
  4. Keep them loose in a plastic envelope
  5. Sew the pages together to create a “bookbinding.”
  6. Take them to a copy shop and have them spiral-bound. You can also mix and match them with loose-leaf lined paper or graph paper

NOTE: Some images feature our 2020 calendar art, but all of the downloads will contain the updated 2023 art.

My favorite way to keep them organized is to use these clear document envelopes. I have twelve —one for each month.

Why I like the Envelope Method

  • I can add other items to the envelope, like patterns or pattern pieces or fabric swatches.
  • If I jot notes down in another notebook, I can slip them into the envelope.
  • If I start another project, I must print another “Project Page” and add it to the envelope.
  • I can keep my receipts organized by month.
  • If I need to take the planner with me, it’s protected.

If you take the pages to a copy shop and have them bound, I recommend using heavy cardstock on the front and back pages to make them more sturdy.

My favorite of those methods is to sew the pages together. I mean, you’ve got a sewing machine, right? Why not use it?

Just set your machine to a longer stitch length (like 3.5) and sew right down the side. I use binding clips to keep my pages together as I sew.

printed out planner pages on white grid cutting mat

How to Get the Planner Pages

There are two options.

Option One: How to Get them for FREE

You can get the planner pages for FREE with any sewing or quilting pattern purchase in our shop for OVER $5.


You do NOT need a code. The discount is AUTOMATIC! Just add TWO ITEMS of them to your cart and check out. YOU NEED TO ADD THE PLANNER TO YOUR CART! When you check out, the price will be $0 as long as you have $5 or more of other items in your cart.

To use this option, please visit the shop.

If you’re looking for a new project, we have lots of new patterns we just released! Including our 2023 Block of the Month.

Option Two: One-Time Purchase

Purchase them in our shop.

This is not meant to be a FULL planner. As I mentioned before, I have a traditional planner (I like the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley) that I use separately. I prefer the Weekly version.

Outside of the USA?

You can purchase via our Etsy shop if you are outside of the USA. There is no way to automatically add the planner pages to purchases over $5 there; message us (on Etsy) after you complete your purchase, and we will email you the planner pages.

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