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The focal point of my home office is this rainbow wall calendar below. It is not only great for organizing, but makes such a statement. For $50 you can cover a whole wall with something impactful! A much cheaper option than any piece of art or wallpaper. You can find this rainbow wall calendar here. And if you’re looking to see more of my home office, see the full post here!

2023 calendars and agendas

Personally, I don’t actually use mine as a calendar, just for the art so you don’t see any pen marks on it. Plus, I don’t really want people who sit in my office to see all the intricacies of my schedule ;).

Digital vesus analog

I used to be a diehard Moleskin planner user, but because of work I’ve adapted to doing using Google calendar for scheduling along with a personal desktop planner and to-do list. And now I’ll be using our own wall calendar to look at major dates and such. I’m curious how you organize your schedule? Are you Team Digital or Analog? Or both? Do you use a desktop or wall calendar?

2023 Desk agendas and planners

Cute agendas and planners are just what the doctor ordered for a bright and fabulous new year. I found some colorful ones in some great patterns! Let me know if you know of any others. Would love to add them to my list!

calendars for 2023

  1. This shocking blue planner is so so beautiful!
  2. daily planner
  3. Papier planner. Papier has the cutest planners out there! Such a fan!
  4. Our own calendar from our shop! I used to do one in my early days so it was fun to come back to one for 2023!
  5. Spectrum wall calendar
  6. Abby Clawson Low always does a year calendar based on beautiful typography.
  7. Day Designer Poppy Garden. They also have a collection at Target

And we have some exciting news coming later this year. We can’t give more hints than this, but stay tuned!

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