13 Pretty Fabric Pumpkins to Make for Fall – Sewing

You can always tell when it’s about to be fall because you start seeing pumpkins everywhere!  Pumpkin flavored coffees, pumpkin desserts, and of course people decorating their homes with pumpkins.  Plastic pumpkins, foam pumpkins, and of course my favorite are little fabric pumpkins decorating tabletops and mantels.  Fabric pumpkins allow for a wide range of patterns and textures that are sure to match any décor style.  And they’re easy to sew, which is always a plus.  We’ve rounded up 13 pretty fabric pumpkins you can make for fall.  So if you’re thinking you might want to make some fabric pumpkins for your space, scroll on for some cute fabric pumpkins you can DIY.

I’m sure you’ll find at least one or two you want to make!  There are so many cute ways to make a fabric pumpkin.  And because pumpkins work for both Halloween and general autumn decorating, you can keep them out throughout the season. 


Chenille Fabric Pumpkins by Flamingo Toes

[photo credit: Flamingo Toes]


DIY Cinderella Fabric Pumpkin Craft for Your Fall Décor by Hearth & Vine

[photo credit: Hearth & Vine]


Patchwork Fleece Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial (Free Pattern) by Fleece Fun

[photo credit: Fleece Fun]


How to Make Fabric Pumpkins (No Sewing!) by Vicky Myers Creations

[photo credit: Vicky Myers Creations]


Fabric Pumpkins from a Halloween Bandana by Sadie Seasongoods

[photo credit: Sadie Seasongoods]


DIY Scrap Fabric Scented Pumpkin Puffs by CraftBits

[photo credit: CraftBits]


How to Make a Fabric Pumpkin with Old Cotton Flannel by Lou Lou

[photo credit: Lou Lou]


Colorful Fall Fabric Pumpkins by Flamingo Toes

[photo credit: Flamingo Toes]


How to Make a Burlap Pumpkin by Sondra Lyn at Home

[photo credit: Sondra Lyn at Home]


How to Make Velvet Pumpkins by She Holds Dearly

[photo credit: She Holds Dearly]


Toilet Paper Pumpkin Craft! [Fun Fall Décor] by The Frugal Girls

[photo credit: The Frugal Girls]


Fall Pumpkins Tutorial by Pink Suede Shoe

[photo credit: Pink Suede Shoe]


DIY Fabric Pumpkins (Free Pattern) by Positively Splendid

[photo credit: Positively Splendid]

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